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Boat trip to Poliegos

Boat trip to Polyaigos

Poliegos, Milos' unexplored neighbour
Poliegos (Polyaigos) covers 18 km2 but is still only half the size of Kimolos and completely unexploited. Because there is practically no water on the island it has never been inhabited nor is it home to much vegetation. In the past you could meet goat herders who let their cattle graze on Poliegos, but today you only find wild goats. The highest point is Strongilos at 357 m.

Boat trip Boat trip
Boat trip Boat trip
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One of the many highlights on our trip around Poliegos, which takes us close along its wildly romantic coast, is the barbecue on "Lighthouse Bay". Take a cooling dip in the inviting crystal clear water while Andreas gets the barbecue ready. There’s plenty food to suit everyone’s taste: juicy barbecued meats, home-made salad, fresh home-grown vegetables, and of course, not forgetting marvellous Milos wine.

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Boat trips are available all season, but it makes sense only to sail when the weather conditions are suitable and not too windy so that you’re guaranteed an unforgettable experience. So if you are interested in a trip on Perseas, then it’s best to tell us right at the start of your holiday and we can plan alternative trip dates for you just in case the weather turns bad.

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Lighthouse bay
Faros Bay

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